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Core Values

With the complexities of life all around us, doing "church" or being a part of a religion feels about as far away from a relationship with God as there is.  Time with God feels like one more thing to check off on the To-Do list of life. Simply put, we have been called to more than merely sitting in pews on a Sunday morning...Much More!  When people ask us what a relationship with God looks like, we point them to the model of what His Son Jesus Christ provided for us...a relationship that is connects us with God, with our church family and our community.  Our desire is to follow the model that Jesus gave to us rather than to add more to the to-do list.    


Jesus spent time, a lot of time with His Father.  He would get up early in the morning or stay out late at night and spend time talking to and listening for what His Father had to say about His life.  This wasn't an event but rather a way for Jesus to receive nourishment.  Much like a tree branch receiving strength from a strong root system, we are not able to produce good fruit in our lives without learning how to rest in our Father's loving presence. 

- Luke 6:12, John 15


Because Jesus knew His own identity as God's Son, He sought to be in fellowship with those who showed an interest in His life.  Not just those with money but also with those who had none.  He taught and served a small family of believers all the way up to crowds that numbered in the thousands.  Jesus didn't add more programs for His followers but rather showed them how to do what they were already doing for the Glory of God.

- Luke 6:13-16, Luke 10


Since God is a God of mission (seeking to save those who don't know Him), so was His Son.  Jesus modeled for those who followed Him a missional focus by getting out and serving His community.  He didn't wait, He went.  He healed the sick, comforted those in need and sought to restore people to the Father.  Now He has invited us to be a part of His mission by calling us to make disciples who make disciples.

- Luke 6:17-19, Matthew 28:18-20

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